Because beauty is a matter of trust.

For more than 75 years, the MARBERT brand has stood for a tradition of excellent skin care. It combines tremendous development know-how and product quality with a compelling value proposition and invariably produces products “Made in Germany”.
Customer focus and deep expertise surrounding the specific characteristics and needs of the skin have priority for MARBERT.

As beautiful as ever. As beautiful as never before.

The MARBERT brand takes its responsibility for people and the needs of their skin very seriously. Therefore, it has continued to develop with its customers since the company’s inception, presenting a series of surprising innovations and enhancements. The latest of these is the revamping of the design - it is more consistent, modern, beautiful and thus even more customer-oriented.
The high quality of ingredients and the popular formulas have of course been retained. Why not take a moment and discover the long history of the Marbert brand that spans 75 years.


Beautician Margarethe Sendler and physician Dr. Bertha Roeber cofound one of the first German cosmetics companies in Düsseldorf.


MARBERT becomes the first German cosmetics company to provide training and consultation on beauty and skin care.


By the 1950s, MARBERT has already become one of the brands with the highest name recognition in Germany and is awarded a medal as the leading German specialist cosmetics brand at the Brussels World Fair.


The cosmetics company expands beyond the borders of Germany. In 1968, MARBERT is acquired by the international chemicals company Hoechst and takes the international market by storm.


A groundbreaking MARBERT patent revolutionizes the cosmetics industry: Profutura. A world novelty, recognized by science as the first active ingredient against lines and wrinkles.


MARBERT develops a new generation of moisturizing skin care: Aqua Booster with Hydro-Booster Technology.



Beauty Brands International acquires MARBERT as a licensing brand. The goal: Returning to the old power of the brand and expanding on its potential. The path: A strong innovation push and concentrating on an attractive value proposition.


MARBERT is now presented in a new design with a consistent image that reflects its strengths and gives customers quick, easy and structured access to all lines of skin care products.


Change: Rejuvenation strategy
NoMoreAging and I ♥ Vitamins launch
MARBERT dives into the virtual world of digital technology: Facebook


In May 2013, a serum was added to the successful 24h AquaBooster moisturizing line.
The MARBERT “superheroes” are now complete.
Triple Effect LiftingBooster launch.


Fruity-sweet with a refreshing tingle! Our rejuvenation strategy continues in 2014 with the new, vibrantly colorful Bath & Body I ♥ line of products.
In its fight against the visible signs of skin aging, MARBERT expands its range of anti-aging products with Lift4AgeProtection, a gently tightening and firming line of skin care products.
Beauty in your sleep: Regenerating concentrate for firm, radiant skin The first highly effective Anti-Aging Night Ampoules offered by MARBERT enhance the best-selling Profutura line.
MARBERT expands the Cleansing Line with additional innovative products such as the velvety foaming Cleansing Cream with Rice Protein and the fine-grained Facial Peeling with Algae Extract.


MARBERT is expanding its Marbert Man line by adding a new product series with 3 skin-care products. MARBERT Man Classic Sport. The new line of skin care products is also available specifically for sensitive skin and also offers a deeply nourishing dry oil. 
DD Cream - Innovative. Effective.

Beauty-Multi-Tasker with SPF 15 that provides multiple skin care benefits in a single product. It protects against the damaging rays of the sun, deeply moisturizes, minimizes wrinkles, perfects and smoothes the skin for an even, invigorated complexion. 

Elegant women who are completely down to earth. Women who know what they want. These women are self-confident, independent and strong, yet fully in touch with their feminine side. They know exactly how seductive they can be. For them, we have created MARBERT WomanPure. The new product line includes an elegant, flowery-fresh Eau de Toilette as well as a mild, nourishing shower foam.



Forever young – MARBERT has finally made the dream of eternal youth come true! In order to preserve the skin’s youthful appearance, the long-standing brand has developed YouthNow!, a new anti-aging line of skin care products with a revolutionary new active ingredient: award-winning snow algae extract. Together with additional innovative ingredients, YouthNow! not only activates cell renewal and helps prevent glycation – the main cause of wrinkles – but also provides ideal protection against environmental damage.
Relaunch CarePlus und SuperMatPlus Make-up Launch PreAntiAgingPlus

Every woman dreams of a flawless complexion – but different skin types have different needs. MARBERT make-ups make it easy to perfect any skin type: We have improved on our popular complexion-perfecting foundations SuperMatPlus and CarePlus with an enhanced texture and SPF 20. They also come in an elegant new packaging, while the shades and scents remain unchanged. The first pre-anti-aging make-up by MARBERT combines a modern, ultra-lightweight texture and the coverage of make-up with innovative anti-aging ingredients.
BB Bodylotion

Skin-beautifying. Lightly tinted. Deeply nourishing. Complexion-beautifying MARBERT BB Body Lotion uses innovative micro-encapsulation technology with a slight tint to create even, silky-smooth, perfect skin. The fresh, fruity, fragrant texture is deeply moisturizing, combats premature skin aging, soothes and smoothes the skin.
Bath & Body Vital

The revitalizing body care line scented with delicious fruit has been added to the MARBERT product range since August 2016.
Man Skin Power

MARBERT surprises with a new line for men – MARBERT MAN SKIN POWER. The line's three products – Energizing Moisturizing Fluid, the Soothing After Shave Balm and the Energizing Eye Roll-on – provide man's skin with more moisture, more well-being – and more power!
Profutura Bodylotion

Profutura, MARBERT's anti-aging care line, no longer only protects the face from aging but also the body.


PuraClean packaging relaunch

PuraClean leaves no chance for spots and blackheads. The skin care system presents itself in a new design and is supported by the SOS Anti-Spot Roll-on to give the skin an improved appearance that is immediately visible!
Gentle Micellar Cleansing Water 3 in 1

Thanks to micellar technology, the 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water gently removes make-up from skin, eyes and lips. It has strengthened MARBERT's cleansing product range since March 2017.
MARBERT MAN SKIN POWER provides more freshness, well-being and power from head to toe! MARBERT added a deodorant spray and a hair & body wash to its popular MAN SKIN POWER care product line for men in March 2017.
Bath & Body Classic Allover Body Milk

A body milk that pampers dry and demanding skin, complementing MARBERT's most popular Bath & Body Classic line.
Bath & Body Classic Aqua

The citric-aquatic scented Bath & Body Classic Aqua body care provides a fresh energetic start to the day.
NoMoreRed Booster

In September 2017, NoMoreRed, the successful face care line, was expanded by a serum.
Man Classic Allround Cream

Since September 2017, the all-round talent for face, body and hands specially developed for man's skin has been added to the Man Classic line.
Bath & Body Sensitive Shower Oil 

The Bath & Body Sensitive Shower Oil intensively cleanses and nourishes the skin, perfectly meeting the demands of sensitive skin that is easily irritated.
Subbrand bath and shower gels

The popular best-selling fragrances, Woman, Woman Red, Sun Spirit and Homme, have also been available as a hair & body wash since October 2017!


Bath & Body Glow Body Cream

This delicately softening body cream with light-reflecting gleaming pigments gives the skin a beautifully fine sheen that makes it glow in the sunlight.


Sun Self-tanning Mousse

With its Sun Self-tanning Mousse – Vegetan® Premium Plus, MARBERT has provided skin with a sun-kissed look since February 2018. It conjures a natural, long-lasting tan.


The popular anti-aging Profutura skin care line has been complemented by a hand cream and an intensive anti-aging serum for pigmentation marks and age spots.


The fragrance experience from MARBERT for real adventures: Uomo – the    powerful and timeless fragrance.


is one of the most popular actresses of her generation in Germany and has now become the face of MARBERT. She represents the ‘Lift4AgeProtection’ anti-ageing skincare line – the luxury skincare products for firm skin.

SUN Carotene Sun Jelly Body

Tanning body gel for a fast, long-lasting and even tan and a glowing complexion.

Profutura Nachtkonzentrat

Profutura Anti-Aging Night Concentrate

The Profutura Anti-Aging Night Concentrate nourishes the skin during sleep - in the morning the complexion shines fresh and recovered.


The Gentleman fragrance is an endless, versatile classic that you will not forget and recognize even decades later.